coolmath quizzes

1,3,8,...,89, what is next? You see number sequence In the picture,what number is after 89?
How many triangles Look at this picture,how many triangles do you see.
What number is Look at this this math square and find what number is under “?” mark.
Math iq test Look at this this math IQ test and find the right answer,your kid will easily do that.
Which number is missing Give this math quiz to your kid and see how quickly will he find the answer.
1,1,2,...,13 what comes next? This cool math test is for kids, look at this numbers ,what number is after 13?
1,5,13,... ,125 what is next? You can see math numbers in this game ,each second number is received from previous number with math manipulation,so what number is after 125?
Math for 7th graders This math IQ test is for 7th graders children,child must find math logic between numbers and find what number is under “?”
Mathcool This math puzzle is cool,try to answer what number is hidden under “?” mark.
What is heavier What is heavier a ton of gold or a ton of silver?

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