Quick math 4kids This quick and cool math game for kids will help children to study math addition, subtraction,division and multiplication functions well,there are 20 math tasks in this game ,using [...]
Bloxorz cool math Bloxorz is cool math game for kids,your goal is to fall block into the square shaped hole .You can rotate block and move it,but you have to avoid throwing it outside the board,in e [...]
Get the crown In this math thinking game for kids you have to find the way how to get the crown for king,crown is guarded with soldiers ,first you have to throw stone to them if you choose good [...]
Cool4kids This math thinking game is really cool 4 kids,playing this game kid will study how to solve simple logical tasks.Little lovely beaver is very hungry ,food is near but beaver can [...]
Mario puzzle and dragons Children love Mario ,Dragons and other characters in super Mario adventure this puzzle game for kids your child will meet all this characters ,playing this game he will exe [...]
Zombie catching There are funny zombies in this game, You have to catch all of them ,but you can’t do it without math,you have to make electric lines and all zombies should been placed in th [...]
Train manager This game will improve your kid’s organizing skills,child have to organize train movement, It needs math thinking when controlling traffic.When you are train movement’s [...]
Squares and circles There are squares and circles in this cool math game for kids,Circles can move, squares can’t,you have to push away red squares and avoid other figures to being pushed.also y [...]
Math for kids This cool math 4 kids is for children who study mathematics at school,kid must answer math questions quickly and correctly,each next level is little difficult than previous , so wh [...]
Cube counting This cool math game is for kids,playing this game kid must count cubes quickly ,some cubes are hidden, because others are over them.Kid must imagine hidden cubes and also count the [...]

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